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Ship us your products, and we’ll shoot and deliver high-quality product photos.

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Book online in less than 2 minutes. No credit card or payment required. No complicated spreadsheets or shot lists needed

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You’ll get an order confirmation email with shipping instructions and your order number. Carefully pack your best samples and send them to our Texas studio.

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Once your package arrives we will contact you to discuss your project and provide a quote. Orders over $500 may require a deposit

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Our team completes your shoot and sends proofs for review. Once your invoice is paidyou can download your files.

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We can help you with all of your product photography needs, from start to finish.

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Our award-winning product photographers have over a decade of experience creating stunning product photography for e-commerce websites

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Product photography is a specialized field of photography focused on capturing high-quality images of products. These images are used for marketing, advertising, e-commerce, and various promotional materials, highlighting product features and qualities to attract potential customers and drive sales.

When booking a product photography shoot, it’s helpful to provide the following information:

1. Product Details: Specify the type of product, its size, and any unique features.
2. Quantity: Indicate how many products need to be photographed.
3. Image Style: Describe the desired style or mood for the images.
4. Background Preferences: Specify the background color or style.
5. Specific Requirements: Any additional guidelines or special requests. Clear communication ensures that our photographers can capture images that align with your expectations and branding.

Yes, we offer bundle pricing for high volume product photography. Our volume discounts and packages are designed to provide cost savings and convenience, allowing you to have all your products professionally photographed at a reduced rate.

You can get various types of product photography, including:

1. Standard Product Photography: High-quality images of the product on a clean background.
2. Lifestyle Product Photography: Products in real-life settings.
3. 360-Degree Photography: Interactive views of products.
4. Close-up/Macro Photography: Highlighting intricate details.
5. Group/Product Line Photography: Showcasing multiple products together.
6. Model/Product Interaction: Displaying products being used by models using stock composites and Ai.

Product photography is crucial for businesses as it enhances the visual representation of products. High-quality images build trust, convey product details, and influence purchasing decisions. In e-commerce, where customers can’t physically touch or see products, compelling images provide the closest experience, boosting sales and reinforcing a brand’s professionalism and credibility.

The cost of product photography varies widely based on factors like the complexity of the project, the number of products, the photographer’s expertise, location, and the level of post-processing required. It can range from 15 dollars per product for basic shots to hundreds of dollars or more for professional services. Our rares are highly competitive and we never sacrifice on quality.